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Personalised, results oriented, no fluff facials

2-in-1 facial treatments designed to effectively target your skin concerns.


Get the BARE SKIN of your dreams


Prices as low as RM99 per facial treatment.

Not your ordinary spa-like facial treatment, but a personalised, evidence based, medical grade experience with real results.


AI Diagnosis & Selection

Each time your visit us our experts and AI will check your skin
concerns, current condition and medical history and curate a treatment JUST FOR YOU.

Personalised Treatment

Our certified aestheticians will provide your 30 minutes personalised facial focused on your skin concerns and needs, taking care to provide best results possible.

Glow & Bare It

We’ll provide you with professional
recommendations on skincare and post treatment care instructions getting you one step closer to fresher, glowing, bare skin.


Acne & Comedones

Reduce acne and sebum production, reveal healthy skin.


Melasma, sun spots and pigmented blemishes reduction for brighter skin.

Skin Hydration

Reduction of skin dryness and rough texture for healthier and glowing skin.

Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines for younger looking, fresher skin.

Scars & Pore Size

Reduction of scars and pore size for smoother skin tone.

ATOME 3 easy payments, 0% interest

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NEW CLIENTS UP TO 80% OFF, existing clients up to 70% off

Filter Free, Bare Skin is IN

Get acne, pigmentation, scars, pore size, wrinkles free.

Our treatments are customised to your needs at each visit, and each will include at least 3 of the below:



Carbon Laser Peel  

Chemical Peels

LED Light Therapy

Carbon Oxy Infusion

Oxygen Dome


Hydro Wand


High Frequency


Get glowing skin

Enjoy the freedom & flexibility of our treatments

What We Offer

Targeted treatments, not spa facials

2in1 facials, not the simple serum and mask facials

Personalised to you, not cookie cutter

Results based, not false promises

30 minutes, not over an hour

Transparent pricing, no consultation closed room door selling

You can enjoy all our facials within package purchased, not a purchase of single treatment package

Dermatological AI powered & science backed, not just beautician recommended

Shareable and personalised to your family & friends, not an extra cost for your loved ones

Real People, Real Results

Customising our treatment protocols to your exact skin needs at the point of need allows us to produce REAL RESULTS with premium services at affordable rates.


Can I pick my treatment?

We take the guesswork out of skincare by customizing each treatment to your skin to meet your needs in real-time using AI. So, unlike a traditional spa, there is no service menu. If you are interested in getting a specific service, make sure to mention it to your skin expert and they will evaluate if you are a good candidate for it!

How many skin concerns can be treated in a single treatment?

We are the only ones who treat 2 skin concerns in each treatment, concerns might change from time to time or they might stay the same depending on the severity of them. We adjust your treatments according to your concerns with no additional payment needed.

How often should I get treatment?

We advise on one treatment every 2 weeks for optimal results. For safety purposes, we can not treat you more often than that as our treatments are medical grade. We'd appreciate your regular visits in order to provide you with optimal results.

Do treatments have an expiry date?

Our treatment packages do have an expiry date which depends on number of treatments in the package. Upon expiry you will not be able to use treatments purchased. We want you to enjoy optimal results of our treatments which necessitate regular visits.

Am I a good candidate?

We have a wide range of treatment modalities which suit all skin types and tones and treat various skin concerns. To ensure your safety we take into account your medical history and current condition upon which AI makes safe and effective treatment recommendations. Clients below the age of 18 are welcome with parental consent.

Do I have to buy PREMIUM POWER UPS with my treatments?

Premium Power Ups are treatment enhancements which are not mandatory to be purchased (we won't push you on it). We will advise you are you a good candidate for them and you can make a decision to purchase or not.

Limited to 50 first clients. New client promos are only for new clients.


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