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Laser away your unwanted hair

Permanent, safe & effective laser hair removal for all skin & hair types


Laser Hair Removal as low as RM19 per session.

Limited to 50 clients per package.

Wear your bare skin confidently with the latest ICE diode laser hair removal technology

Shave 24 Hours Prior To Treatment

Ensure to shave treatment area at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to minimise irritation and redness.

Attend Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Enjoy the comfort, results and safety of our latest ICE diode laser hair removal technology.

Enjoy Permanently Smooth And Hair Free Skin

You'll have noticeable hair reduction with each treatment and soon rock completely hair free and smooth skin.

Stop shaving or waxing

Instead of wasting time shaving or lifelong monthly purchases of waxing treatments, drop by for laser hair removal. We ensure effectiveness and safety on all hair and skin types and prices affordable to everyone.

NEW CLIENTS UP TO 70% OFF, existing clients up to 65% off

ATOME 3 easy payments, 0% interest


Enjoy hairless & smooth skin

New client promotion prices available now for limited time only. Limited to 50 clients only.

Safe & Effective

Latest generation diode laser with ICE technology ensuring optimal effectiveness & safety.

Affordable & Shareable

Laser hair removal treatments which won't cost you an arm and leg and which can be shared with your friends or family members.

For All Skin Types

Safe and effective on all skin & hair types needing from 6-12 sessions for optimal hair removal results.

Real People, Real Results

Hairless skin is within your reach with our ICE diode laser hair removals.


Do we treat male and female clients?

We provide laser hair removals to male & female clients however we do not provide intimate area laser hair removal to male clients at the moment.

Do we provide privacy for treatments?

We provide private rooms with doors and curtains both to ensure ultimate privacy to all our clients during their treatments. We will also keep you adequately covered only exposing treated areas at the time.

Am I a candidate for laser hair removal?

Anyone wishing for hair growth reduction on face or body part is a good candidate for laser hair removal. Our laser is effective and safe on all skin and hair types.

Do purchased treatments have an expiry date?

All our treatment packages purchased have an expiry date based on number of treatments in the package upon which they can no longer be used. You are encouraged to visit us as per advised frequency in order to ensure optimal results.

Limited to 50 first clients. New client promos are only for new clients.


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