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Treat. Restore. Reveal Your Bare Skin!

Personalised facials without fluff

Targeted treatments, not spa like facial

Results based, not false promises

Package allows you to enjoy all our treatments, not expensive single treatment type package

Dermatology AI powered & science backed, not just beautician recommended

Personalised to you, not cookie cutter one

2in1 evidence based facials

AI powered, 100% personalised, evidence based, 30 minutes long treatments which evolve with your skin needs at a flat rate without needing to buy additional treatments to target multiple skin concerns or with the smallest skin concern change.

Your personalised journey to glowing, bare skin STARTS HERE.

Personalised Facials

30 minutes to flawless skin: Evidence-based facial treatments that target your specific skin needs in no time.

Laser Hair Removal

Latest ICE diode technology for permanent, effective, safe and painless hair removal on all face and body parts.

Flexible facials that work for you - and your skin

We understand that each skin is different and that skin concerns and needs change and that’s why we created 3 step facials that will be tailor made to your skin each time you visit without a need to pay more if you already have a package.

Each Facial Consists Of:


Active treatment step designed to prime your skin and focused on your primary skin concern.


Active treatment step designed to effectively treat your secondary skin concern.


Step focused on sealing the results in, nourishing and protecting the skin.

ATOME 3 easy payments, 0% interest

NEW CLIENTS UP TO 70% OFF, existing clients up to 65% off


Limited to 50 first clients. New client promos are only for new clients.


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